Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vogue 8536 Play Date

Thank you all for your suggestions on the Vogue 1177 polka dot top. It would make a nice sleeveless top, but for now Grandma is wearing it. It keeps her chest warm. Meanwhile I'm moving on towards my goal of developing some TNT patterns.
I'm having a play date with Vogue 8536 today. This is a nice basic knit top with three different necklines and four sleeve options. It has an applied neckband, which I like, instead of just turn-it-under-and-stitch-it-down neck finish.

I'm going to do an FBA, lengthen sleevecap, lengthen sleeve, lengthen body, raise center back, and raise the bust point alteration. These are the ones that worked on the Burda 7189, so I want to see if this flies with Vogue patterns. I've measured the width of the bicep already--lesson learned there!
More later. Thanks for stopping by.


Valerie said...

Hi Julianne. Thank you for commenting on my blog..this looks like a nice pattern. 2162

Valerie said...

ps. I did not type those numbers! blog gremlins!