Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Vogue Jackets Fall 2011

Of course, like everyone else who is addicted to Vogue Patterns, I've checked out the new releases. My initial response was "Why so few new patterns?" Surely there will be a plethora of new ones in September.

At any rate, Vogue has provided us with a few that I think might be interesting. First up is Vogue 1263, a new Donna Karan. Here's the front and the line art.

Of course I love the deep rich color, but looking beyond that, this is a nice wrap/shawl/topper with a lot of style. Two-piece sleeves, the large shawl collar, and the shaped seaming in the back are nice details. Add in the stitched down tucks on the front and the pockets, and what more does a girl need? This shape and length would work with anything, just throw it on over pants or a dress. It would even look good belted.

Simple seaming, no buttons/buttonholes, and no notches on the collar would make this an easy sew. The only potential challenges are the curved seams on the back yoke and the points at the hemline in the front. Very doable. And what fun to pick out fabrics!

Next is Vogue 1264, Anne Klein New York:

I sort of surprised myself by liking this one. It keeps growing on me. Simple cut with bracelet length sleeve and a bit of contrast--pleather, satin, your choice. This one has a really good length for pants or even over a skirt, but you'd have to be careful not to go longer than below mid-knee length on the skirt to keep the proportions right. The shape of the front contrast panels brings the eye down the silhouette, which lengthens your look. This would be great in dark greys or dark browns, too. And, it has pockets!

The next one, Vogue 8752 Marcy Tilton, is different, to say the least. Here it is:

Hate the hoodie thing. Love the back inset pocket. Did you notice the same pocket set into the button band? Nice touch. Add in those little dangling pleated pockets in the front and you have yourself a statement piece.

The challenge here is to find a striped fabric, since a stripe will show off those nice details. And I would lose the hoodie thing.

And now for the real dog in the jacket department, Vogue 8748 Katharine Tilton:

I'm not going to even bother with the line art on this one. No shape. None. Bat wings time.

I once had a garment like this, and it nearly drove me crazy. The fabric was beautiful, but wearing the thing would make me a nervous wreck. It was impossible to keep the shoulders where they were supposed to be. If I bent over the least little bit, it would slide around like greasy bacon in a frying pan. It went to the GoodWill in the Sky.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh. Maybe it's not a dog.

But it's at least a puppy.

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Gail said...

The Donna Karan and the Anne Klein jackets caught my eye too.