Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vogue 1387 View B Love, Pure Love

View B of Vogue 1387 is the reason to buy the pattern.

This blouse has some of the most beautiful detailing of any Big Four patterns I have seen in quite a while, but the real treat comes when you are wearing it. This is a very feminine style and the pattern is superbly crafted for a wonderful fit in the shoulder and neck area. Love it!

The front and back:


A side view, showing the different hemline cuts of the front and back:

 Pleated sleeves with placket and cuff:

Detail shot of the lovely shaped front band, rounded collar band (one is squarish and one is rounded--Love!). Note the inset bias strip above the pleated bodice. The bias strip is inset between the yoke and the bodice and fits perfectly between the two pieces and molds the bodice to your upper chest to eliminate gaping. This neckline lies perfectly against the upper chest!

After the disappointment with the other pattern in this envelope, I just used some soft 100% cotton to make up this down and dirty muslin. Oh how I wish I had used the good stuff on this one! All this one needs is snaps on the front band and cuffs and I could wear it around the house, but I essentially just wanted to check the fit so I didn't really wear out my sewing skills putting this together (ignore those sleeve cap puckers, please!).

Things I Love About This Pattern:
  • The fit of the neckline
  • The collar stand
  • The curved front yoke that is perfectly drafted
  • The inset bias strip
  • The lovely bodice pleats
  • The front bands
  • It makes me feel like a GIRL

The pattern pieces all fit together properly and the instructions were very good. This one restored my faith in Vogue.

I did make a few alterations, my typical upper back adjustment and bodice length adjustments, and also I also shortened the shoulder seam about half an inch.

For the real one that is coming right up as soon as I purchase fabric I will make a slight FBA and add a tad onto the side seams for fitting purposes.

The length of this is perfect with leggings and would be nice in handkerchief linen, silk types, and lightweight knits like ponte or jersey. A version with elbow length sleeves barely pleated into a skinny bias band cuff would be nice, as would using pretty buttons instead of snaps on the front band.

Lengthening this would give you one absolute killer shirtdress!


Gail said...

I agree with you about the detailing. Personally I love the slope of the shoulder seam and the mandarin collar.

Linda said...

This is a nice looking blouse. The neckline, gathers at the shoulders are very nice and different design.
Yours fits you very well.

Tany said...

I ordered this pattern a few weeks ago, I'm glad to have found this review! The blouse looks wonderful!

Angela said...

So pretty! I'm going to have to get this pattern at the next sale.

so little time said...

I first saw your write-up on pattern review and was so glad that you included such great pictures there that I just had to see what else you could say about this shirt. Thanks for the great photos and I am so very excited to make this. Bravo!

Carolyn said...

This is fabulous! I just love that interesting front yoke. and yes it would look amazing as a shirtdress. A fantastic idea :)

niema said...

Love it! After seeing your version, I went out and bought this pattern.

Juliane said...

Thank you all for the comments--I am actively shopping for fabric for the real version of this one!

Sture Gustafsson said...

I have also bought this pattern. When looking at the pattern picture and at the pattern I see a contradiction. The model picture is with the pleats towards the arm but the instruction and the arrows in the pattern indicates the reverse. If you look at the upper edge when turning pleats towards the mid front you see that the pattern is really made as if the pleats should be towards the arm. It is only then they will form an even top edge. Anyone that thinks I'm wrong in thinking that this is an error in the pattern (arrows and instruction)?

Cath Al said...

Yes, you're right. The arrows go the wrong way on the pattern pieces. Thanks for pointing this out. I hate these little pleats and am tempted to change them to gathers but my fabric though soft is a bit heavy so maybe will do the pleats. Sigh.

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