Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fall Colors in the Fabric Stores Yet?

Long time no see. Such is life, I guess...

At any rate, this of course is probably very old news to most of you, but here is the Fall 2011 Pantone color report:

I really, really like this year's colors. The most surprising thing to me is the lack of black! It seems that we are supposedly going to see more earthy, rich, feminine colors in the stores this year.

Have you ever had your colors "done"? I did, about 25 years ago, and believe it or not I still have my little color swatch book. It is in my purse as I speak.

I'm planning a little road trip soon to a not-so-local fabric stop (JoAnns or Hancock Fabrics), so my mission is to see if these colors are in the fabric stores or if we will have to wait 3 years for these color palettes to show up for home sewers.

If you've seen these colors out there for purchase already, give a girl a holler out in the comments and tell us where!


Gail said...

Now these are colours that I can live with. Love the teal, bamboo and coffee.

Juliane said...

Yes, Gail, I agree. From your photo, I would say that we share the same coloring in skin tone, hair, and eyes. I bet you're a "Summer", too!