Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Beautiful Bateau!

This interesting little number dates to 1959. It has a couple of neat features--the bateau neckline with collar, the pleat on the back bodice, and the thing that immediately caught MY eye--the applied banding on the bodice. Notice how the banding echoes the neckline. Notice also how the center front closure is curved at the neckline, blending beautifully into the curve of the collar itself. Nice. Very nice.

I also like the pleat on the back bodice. Look at the pattern back, and you can see that the banding continues onto the back:

Things I'm not so sure about? The slimness of the skirt (simply because I am not so slim), but that can be easily improved. Also, the bow at the back waist might be too cutesy for a grownup. What do you think?

One thing I love about these old patterns is the styling ideas they offer--not only for current ladies, but also for current ladies-in-waiting (I'm talking about little girls here). You could use two fabrics for a child's dress, using one for the body of the garment and another one for banding at the neck area just like this. I would also use banding on the sleeves and at the hem area. Or use ribbon instead! And add bright buttons! And use the bow, too! Okay, I've just about talked myself into it already. I know where to find ladies-in-waiting very easily. I AM a grandmother, after all.

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