Friday, January 12, 2007

Such a Skinny Little Waist!

This beauty showed up here recently (odd how that keeps happening). I would date this to the 1950s, but haven't found a publication date on it as of yet.

Oh that I had such a waist! In reality, the fullness of the skirt and sleeves would make just about anyone's waist appear small in comparison. I can't decide which view I like best, the solid color or the two-color model shown in View 3. If using a two-color combo, the darker color should definitely be on bottom. How about a taupe/black scenario using linen, set off with black buttons? Very classy, me thinks. The three-quarter length sleeves would be much dressier than the cuffed sleeves. I need to find fabric for this one.

Other things I like include the tucked bodice, cuffed sleeves (such a neat look!) and the hemmed length just below the knee. Check out the back on this very crooked scan:

What would I change? I would definitely add pockets in the side seams. Although this isn't a full circle skirt, it is full enough to look ladylike and would probably be very comfortable to boot.

And why no, my dear, there is no way AT ALL that this will fit me. It will require many fantabulous grading tricks and a tryout in muslin before I would commit to cutting into the good stuff. Buy your muslin by the bolt--it saves trips to the fabric store.

Anyone out there tried this one out yet? Comments are welcome!

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