Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Dress For A Grown Up

This one, Vogue 5921 date unknown, has been pouting for quite some time, waiting in line for the scanner. Today is her day! She's the type of girl that would spend a lot of time waiting around in the closet, too, if she ever got made. That's because she's an adult girl dress. Don't you think so?

The simple sheath--elegant in any solid fabric. For fun? Not a plaid, no, too country come to town. A wild tie dyed print? Great for summer.

But put her in navy linen with a matching jacket and it's definitely a board meeting outfit. Or a church outfit. Or a going-to-court-and-getting-a-divorce-and-winning-it-ALL type of outfit. This dress takes no prisoners, just leaves kicked fannies in its wake.

I might as well show you the back, ho hum..... But I do like the little jacket, especially the collar. And the bracelet length sleeves. Did you notice there are only two buttons? And fake welt pockets. The darts on the jacket prevent a boxy look--is it possible one could even look sexy in this getup? I don't think so.

This day started out barely okay, then got rotten. And rottener. So to make myself forget all about it, I went and had my hair cut. What a wonderful thing it is to have your hair done. If stylists knew how rejuvenated we felt, and how loved, and how pampered, they would charge $100 a cut. And we would line up to pay it.

To further improve this day, I am going to spend my evening on the last little bit of Purple Passion. Here she is so far!

Now that's a rotten scan, isn't it? Perfect for this day. Only a little work left and I can start sewing this one up. And I've become friends with the green thread, I think. What do you think?

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CandlebyNight said...

awww sorry your day was rotten. Purple passion is beautiful. Looking at it makes me smile.