Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Design Idea From RTW

Here's another cutie that can be made with a basic dress pattern:

As shown above the outfit has bloomer thingees under it--ignore those and concentrate on the lines of the dress itself. It's a simple basic bodice with a gathered skirt, just like the one I posted yesterday. You could use the same pattern for both dresses.

Four items add interest to this design. The double pockets with button trim. The contrasting buttons (decorative only--I would put the working buttons on the back). The ruffle sleeve caps, or flutters, as I call them. And the collar.

You will notice that the collar is a basic design with squared corners. The difference? The collar stops short of the center front. Looks to me like it's about 1 1/2" shy of the center front. How to do it? Simply fold out that amount from the collar pattern piece! The neck appears to have a very shallow "V" neck, but you could do it with a rounded neck, too. This slight difference in the collar ending point gives this dress a fresh, boutique look and is something I haven't seen anywhere else. Well worth the little effort required.

As for the pockets, the yellow one on the bottom is about 1" taller than the bottom one. I would sew the button on the yellow one and put the buttonhole in the green one on top. I would sew them both on together at the same time on the outer edges. So cute!

And many, many patterns have the piece for the flutter!

If you find any photos, send them to me as an email attachment at the address link and we'll dissect them!

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