Thursday, March 29, 2007

Now For The Last Row

Although it's been slow progress, progress there is on Little Miss Sunshine. Only one row left, and it's the fun row--the scalloped wheat stitch at the very bottom:

I've been thinking of using contrasting piping in a little blue gingham check on this dress, but now am not so sure. I would use it on the bodice seam, sleeve edges, and neckline. Or I could use the dress fabric for the piping and use white entredeaux and white lace on the sleeves. I need suggestions. What do you think?

We have one more day of school, then the Glorious Spring Break begins. What do I plan to do? Smock. Sew. Cut Things Out. Buy More Fabric. Win On EBay. Cook at least one meal.

Up next is a trio of fabrics from my recent retail adventures. I'm calling this group Limeade. What I have in mind is a tiered, ruffled sundress. Very full gathers. Maybe cute buttons to echo the dot design:

Nice random people from all over the world continue to mail me More Stuff. Here's a recent arrival:
Love it, love it, love it. What more can I say?
And I have two more ideas kicking around inside my head. I'm calling one of them a Drubble. And I'm calling the other one Button Up. Those are good clues. Now we'll see if anyone can guess what they might be....

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CandlebyNight said...

Hi Grace,
I posted the picture of the pattern I was thinking of at my blog.
Sunshine looks great. The stitching is beautiful and the colors are perfect.
Thank you again for your wonderful blog!