Thursday, March 1, 2007

Purple Passion!

Here she is! The finished front:

A close up of the front bodice:

The finished back:

And the close up:

I am really pleased with this dress. After all the agonizing over the embroidery colors, I think she's perfect. She was a little bored hanging around the house, so I took her outside on the porch for a little fresh air:

She enjoyed it so much that I took her to school. She made lots of new friends!

This person is eating a can of ravioli, since he's figured out that his mother is probably not gonna be heating up the stove tonight:

And I have finally figured out that ravioli is the number one cause of chin fuzz on teenage boys. So no more ravioli for him! (or his younger brother, for that matter)

Can you see it?

And since I don't have enough to deal with, here's The Great White Tiger, steadily meowing to come inside. He's no dummy. He KNOWS that a tornado just hit a small town 35 miles from here and that nasty weather is headed right for us.

His name is Mickey, by the way.


CandlebyNight said...

The dress is beautiful. We had tornados watches last night too!

bkm said...

The dress turned out gorgeous. And I can't believe you make those poor boys eat ravioli from a can, depriving them of the homecooked meals they deserve. Clearly, their growth is being stunted by the unhealthy food they're eating.

Juliane said...

Yeah, that kid's growth is stunted, all right. He's still just a baby and he's 6'2". Just imagine how big he'd get if I bought Spaghetti-Os!