Sunday, March 18, 2007

Retail Therapy

I couldn't sleep last night for worrying over the state of the fabric economy in this great country, so today I made a pilgrimage to the not-so-local JoAnns to see for myself.

Well, kiddies, it's hot dogs and scrambled eggs for the rest of the month. Just to give you an idea, the sales receipt was 28 inches long. The sacrifices I make for the sake of my country. If I have only one dollar to give, ......let me give it to the fabric store.

Yes I will scan and post. As soon as I drag the bulging bags up the stairs. I promise.

But meanwhile, this is the little snippet about something I had been thinking about for The Princess. There's fabric, and thread......

I need to scan the flowered print. The background is deep lemon yellow, not the pale washed-out pitiful thing in the photo above. It is the same shade as the other yellow one.

And I made the tie sash for Golden Tulip. There was this Random Teenager hanging out over here, and I pressed him into model service so I could check the length of the thing:

Is this great blackmail material here, or what?......And no, he's not one of mine, but he might as well be. He looks so cute I'm gonna make that boy an apron.

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CandlebyNight said...

I share your deep concern for the the welfare of the fabric economy in our country. Last week I visited Ebay and made several purchases myself.