Saturday, March 3, 2007

This Is Our House

We were hit by a tornado Thursday night less than 15 minutes after I last posted. We are all safe and unhurt, but this is what our house looks like now. This was a 400 year old oak tree. We were inside.

I'll post more later. Keep us and our devasted little town in your thoughts and prayers. Several people lost their lives that night.


CandlebyNight said...

wow Grace! I'm glad you are ok. Can you still live in your house? My dh is a first responder and got a call to go to Georgia for a bad tornado there. I was thinking you were in Florida. Beautiful house! I hope it all gets worked out soon.

bkm said...

Even though Gary told me how bad it was, I didn't know what to expect. It is unbelievable. I'm so glad y'all are all okay.

Juliane said...

Thank you Candle. Yes, we're in Georgia. And "bad" doesn't begin to describe it.

And yes, it is livable. We had to cut power to part of it.

And BKM, love you girl.