Sunday, March 11, 2007



It's been a long tortuous ten days here in Tornadoville without phone and DSL service. Still no cable, but hey, who cares? It's the guys here who watch the TV.

I've spent two days unloading the sewing room. If you saw the pictures I posted a couple of weeks ago, I can now tell you that it was just a very disorganized room. Not dirty, just disorganized.

Well, after the tornado hit it, it looked EXACTLY like it had been. Hit by a tornado, that is. It was dirty, nasty, and filthy. But it's feeling much better now.

The rest of the house is still in ICU. Major, major repairs. New roof. New porch. New foundation. New carpet. New windows. New crown molding. New light fixtures. New walkway. New paint. New window treatments. New spindles. New rails. New steps. New landscaping. And did I mention that we don't have trees anymore?

And yes, I've been sewing! I'll post pics tonight.

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