Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Real Live Baby Doll, My Own Little Miss Sunshine

Well, yes, The Princess did come to the birthday party! And she had Little Miss Sunshine waiting just for her:

Those who have seen this dress in real life tell me the pictures don't do it justice. I wish the colors were truer on camera, since in the pics it looks like I used the wrong shades of blue. Oh, well.

A closer view:

I think the Peter Pan collar is so sweet on babies. And aren't the puffed sleeves just the right amount of puffy?

I've been very pleased with this pattern.

Here she is again, standing up on the sofa:

You may notice that this dress is shorter than the others. Since Her Highness is now in the crawling and pulling-up stage, the longer dresses tend to hinder her Exploration Skills a bit. So we have definitely progressed to the romper/bubble stage.

Which brings us to this:

This is a little top The Princess was wearing when she arrived the other day (with matching capri pants, I might add). It's perfect for crawling around.
What am I going to do with it?
Copy it, of course. The Dissecting Class will begin soon.

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