Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twirly Girls

We had a birthday party Sunday evening for the youngest Random Teenager, and the gang was all here. What did we do besides eat, eat, eat, and eat? We tried on dresses, of course.

Here's Limeade, getting the final fitting on the shoulder straps:

Look at that smile! And the back:

The full skirt was a big hit, too. Little sister went shopping in the fabric pile and picked out fabric for her own version, TBA.........

Here's Cornfield. This young lady is practicing curtseys for the Queen:

And she's making sure it will be comfortable on the trampoline, too, in this practice jump:

And Golden Tulip went home, amid high hopes the weather will warm up so it can go to school this week:

She likes the pockets almost as much as I do:

And here it is again, in mid-twirl:

Baby Love Update

YES, I took it all apart.

YES, I pressed all the pleats out of it.

YES, it took a tremendous amount of steam to do so.

YES, I had to trim a bit off the side seam (yall remember, when I was wearing the dunce hat I mistakenly smocked that side).

YES, I have smocked one of the fronts.

NO, I haven't smocked the other front.

And NO, Wal-Mart doesn't carry embroidery thread any more.

And YES, I have to drive 45 MILES to get embroidery thread to finish smocking the front.

I may never go to Wal-Mart again. Am I the only one who feels this way about it?


Debby said...

Very cute and like the colors of both.

ingrid said...

It's lovely to see little girls dressed so beautifully, just like they should be. I like your style!

Margot said...

Love the way the girls look in all of them, but GoldenTulip especially. That's the kind of dress you remember wearing when you are older... Terrific details with the pockets and the collar trim. You rock!

Julie said...

No, you're not the only one that feels that way about Walmart! I know I'm weird, but I just don't feel the pull to go there anymore. It now has a negative conotation to it and I just don't enjoy shopping there.