Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Hanger

You may have noticed that I take photos of all my projects On The Hanger.

What you don't know is that The Hanger always goes home with The Dress. Always. Without fail.

Now if I were a Hanger Gourmet, I would decorate The Hanger before sending it off to live in the Closet Full of Dresses. But I don't. I send it out naked. Why would I waste time dressing a hanger, when it's girls who crave the dresses? I'll leave the Hanger Dressing to someone else.

Here we have a totally naked hanger. It wants to go live in the Closet Full of Dresses, too.

It's been hanging out with this pile of dress fabric:

The Princess came to babysit me, and while she was here, the fabric Spoke To Her. She was checking the yardage on this one (those are her fat little legs in the picture, not mine):

And she thought this might make a nice spring frock, with a nice full skirt to cover her dainty little knees:

You can tell that The Sandman was also hanging around that afternoon, can't you?

She liked this one a lot. See how she's holding it up to check the color against her complexion?

It just so happens that this vintage pattern mysteriously appeared in the sewing room. It's Simplicity 1149, from the wonderful pattern makers of 1955:

Wouldn't this be nice for those sultry August afternoons? Here's the back:

I think the sash is a must-have, don't you agree? Not sure yet about the little jacket, though. It might conceal the total cuteness of the dress, I'm thinking.

Oh, well. Back to the dread income tax. I'm busily depreciating my assets, which is really strange if you think about it. Mother Nature is doing the exact same thing to me.

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CandlebyNight said...

I'm so glad you are going to make a dress! I will live vicariously through you while you do it. I've been too busy to sew more than what immediate needs require.

I'll be posting a poodle skirt later today.