Sunday, July 22, 2007

No High Heels For Her!

Could this be the next Heidi Klum practicing the runway walk?

Oh, looky, it's The Princess, and she's wearing Bubblegum!

I think she's getting the hang of it. Doesn't she look sassy in this Little Dress?

And take a look at this sashy little back, won't you:

This vintage pattern has another little detail that really adds to the finished look--the sash loops on the back:

Those little sash loops finish off just a little over one inch tall. Since the sash itself is four inches wide, those little loops control those gathers perfectly and also support the weight of the bow. That's the secret to a bow that won't sag down and look sad.

On The Hanger (front):

On The Hanger (back):

And on The Princess:

I'm loving it. And the spaghetti straps are the perfect length, too. They are the right length for tying into double loop bows on the shoulders. I couldn't get a picture of them tied for you that way, though. Like the other grandmother is wont to say, dressing this little darling is like trying to put clothes on an octupus.
I can already see another one of these in the near future, next time with the scallops! But right now, I'm off to cut out Woodstock.


Tany said...

What a cutie! She looks lovely in her new dress!

Supermom said...

Hello fellow quilter!

I frequent your blog and enjoy your smocking projects. I am organizing a mini-quilt swap. Might this be something you'd consider?

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