Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Assembly Is Required

I've been to the sewing room! Meet Bubblegum, all cut up and ready to go:

I am using the vintage dress pattern Simplicity 1149 from the earlier post. Just check out the details on these little bodice pieces:

Tiny little darts for a perfect fit. And it's lined. And check out the scallops on this piece:

Why the Big Four don't reincorporate these little dressmaker details in their children's patterns anymore is beyond me. After studying those scallops and deciding that they were actually hand drawn, I put my mind to figuring out exactly how the deed was done. Here's my theory:

Works for me. And easy to duplicate at home, too. Just draw another line about 1/4 inch inside the existing seam line, put your spool on there, and draw the scallops, going around the spool until you hit the intersecting lines!

Any time I'm making something that has a critical corner, I like to mark the sewing line on the corner. Since I used fusible knit interfacing on the front and back bodices, I fused first and marked those corners second:

This is just one of those little things that seems to help me get good results the first time around.

One change I made was with the sash. The original directions have you cut the sash pieces and narrow hem the edges. As you can see in the next picture, there is a distinct difference between the right and wrong sides of this fabric.

So I listened when the Fabric Spoke To Me and said "if you cut me double, and sew me up with a 1/4" seam, no one will see my ugly side, and you won't have to use the Bad Language when you do the narrow hem thingee." So I did. See the sash?

And the cute little bodice with its little spaghetti straps?

Next up--the skirt!

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