Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 3--She Bites The Bullet

I was so disgusted last night that I gave up and went to bed. This morning I checked in on my blog and then, armed with strong coffee, a fresh mind, and a nice breeze on the back porch, I took the cuff off. A hint to those who make huge mistakes while working with black fabric: Natural daylight (preferably outdoors) is the best for removing teeny tiny little stitches. And serging. Just so you'll know.

I had too much of me invested in this to set it on fire. Number 1, I love the fabric. Number 2, I spent oodles of time perfecting the fit on this pattern. Number 3, I hate to give up. Yall do remember the Baby Love Incident, don't you? (For all the newcomers, just click on the links to the left and read all about THAT fiasco.)

But the main reason? Again, it's all you out there. I could feel all yall rooting for me on this one. And I couldn't just let loose with a hissy fit and chop this to bits.

If I had left it as it was, I would have never been happy with it. And since of the reasons I sew is the happiness it gives me, I had to fix it. So I did. Here it is, new and improved:

All the little pleats are pointing in the correct direction. I'm happy now. I just need seven buttons and it's done!

Thank you to all of you. Your encouragement spurs me on!

Up next: Vogue 7876. I'm going for View D, with the 3/4 length sleeves from View B.

And the back:

I have the pattern pieces out and separated, and I need to make some pattern alterations.

Bring on Day 3!


Tany said...

I'm sorry to have missed all this series of posts! I'm catching up and I'm glad you were able to save this lovely blouse! I've made the same mistake with the sleeve in the past (except I noticed it before serging the SAs).

CandlebyNight said...

I'm so proud of please post a pic of your gorgeous self in that gorgeous shirt!

You inspire me to greatness!