Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 9--A Little Frolicing


This has been another lovely day to wind up my Fall Fashion Fling vacation. I spent it hanging out with the Random Teenagers and with Frolic. See?

I have another repeat to work, then a bottom scallop design. And last of all I will add cable flowerettes. I'm really excited about this one. The colors are nice and I've decided to make tiny navy piping for the bodice, sleeves, and neck. Oh, and did I mention there's a big fluffy back sash, too?

And From The Comments:

Yes, lilymarlene, smocking is addictive. It is also very easy to do. And it's portable. I do all sorts of needlework and embroidery, but there is something about smocking that just grabs me. If you have a chance to learn it, do it. You'll give up everything else! I love it.

Back to work tomorrow! But I have two fabric orders on the way from Fabric Mart and Gorgeous Fabrics. Mr. Postman, leave me some mail.....

Have a nice evening. I'm off to frolic a bit more and watch the World Series.

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lilymarlene said...

It's magnificent. It'll look super made into a dress. And the blue piping will be a perfect finishing touch...a true heirloom in the making.
I love to see little girls in those old fashioned frocks.
Perhaps I'll give it a go....when I've finished all the hand applique and hand pieced patchwork bedspreads I've started....! I don't have any little girls to make for as my nieces are now married and don't have any kids yet. That gives me time to learn I suppose.