Saturday, December 15, 2007

Getting Closer and Closer

What a week! This was our week of semester exams at school, and school is officially over until January. I do have to go in for a teacher workday on Monday, but after that, Christmas is ON! I still have a little shopping to do, but not much. And I haven't wrapped a single present yet.

We are almost finished with decorating the house. Here is a close up of the beaded fruit decorations on the Hall Tree that I posted a few days ago:

I just love the grapes and pomegranates.

The next photo is of the Kitchen Tree. The quilt hanging on the wall was a gift from my mother about 15 years ago. It makes an appearance every year. The little reindeer plates in the plate rack were a gift from my niece.

I love this tree! Look how we decorate it every year:

It is draped with wooden cranberry beads, laced with ribbon, and hung with toy food and cookware from a children's cooking set. We hot-glued the ornament hangers directly to the back of the toys. This is the seventh or eighth year we've had this tree and the children (and me!) love it.

I have something to run through the pleater, fifty loads of laundry, and a special shopping trip to do today. I'm hoping, really hoping, to get in some sewing time before midnight.

Enjoy your day.

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Mandi said...

I want you to know how much this posting meant to me!! I was tearful the entire time I read it. I forwarded this to many of my close friends--how proud I was to share some of my family heritage. Thank you for honoring my GamGam and my Daddy this way!! I love you!! Mandi