Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gee, That Was Fast

Okay, so I cheated a little. I only made a front this time. No back. Because I had an enlightening thought.

Here is the little front pinned to a chair, since it refuses to hang on a hanger. There is an inherent design flaw here:

Can any of you spot it?

And as for the puzzle picture I posted last night, here's a little hint: it has something to do with Jillian. Yall do know who that is, don't you?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess that the design flaw is the direction of the pleats? They don't hang vertically? ;)


patsijean said...

The length is much better.

OK. If I were doing all this work, which I am not so ignore me if you wish, I'll understand. The pleats are at an angle, not what you intended, and the hem goes down, then up. So, I would pre-pleat an entire section of fabric and baste down, lay a template of exactly how you want the cut to look on top and trace the outline directly on the pleated fabric with the pleats vertical (there will be wasted fabric). I would then use a 1" piece of straight grain fusible interfacing to permanently stabilize along the top diagonal edge, baste. Cut and hem. The hem should be possibly be a rolled hem, as a turned up hem will not hold, and press again. Attached to that great bodice. I think a more pragmatic solution, rather than a drafting solution, best this time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My name is Matthew Williams.

This dress will be beautiful. =]

Anonymous said...

Another way to get a pattern following patsijean's method would be to pleat a huge sheet of paper and then trace your shape onto it, making sure the grainline (which you should have copied from the original pattern before cutting out your curve), is parallel to the pleats. Then cut out and open up and you have your pattern. (Make sure to mark the pleats, of course).

No wasted fabric this way.

CD again.