Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yard Work, Bobbies, and More

Hello again. Long time no blog. School over. Gardening begins. Cooking, maybe. Laundry, definitely. Bobbies, absolutely.

Here's Little Pearl in the cutest little hat (this was on her 4 week birthday--she's now 8 weeks old):

And the divine Little Ruby, wearing hers:

Someone has stolen Little Ruby's hair...she's sort of bald on top. Little Pearl, however, has been nicknamed WigHead, since she has SO much hair.

These darling little bobbies spent all day with me yesterday. Their mama returned to the J-O-B on Monday and since I have no J-O-B until the end of July, it is all-out bobbies, gardening, and sewing until then. Yes, I said sewing. As soon as I post this, I'm hitting the shower and the highway to Joanne's Fabrics. Even though I haven't been sewing I have been dreaming about it and reading everything everyone else has blogged about and I have a list of 14 new patterns I MUST buy, and I hope to come away with a carload of fabric, too.

We have a massive landscaping project underway as a result of last year's tornado. We are having damaged trees removed, a retaining wall rebuilt, a walkway relaid, and lots and lots of planting. It's a good thing this little person arrived just in time to teach Pa how to use the posthole diggers:

They are planting tomatoes. Yes, that's right, they are planting tomatoes (and squash) in Grandma's flower garden. Pa says that way he knows they'll get watered, because I water that flower bed religiously every day. It's already 96 degrees here, with a high this afternoon of 98, and nary a drop of rain until next week sometime.

One really nice thing about having a garden space is the ability to walk out the door and come in with a homegrown bouquet, like this one--gardenias and eucalyptus.

And in the She's Really, Really Stupid category, how about this one? I was spray painting some wrought iron plant stands with black spray paint late Monday evening, and the slightest little breeze was cooling me off while I worked. When I went up on the porch and flipped my sandals off, I found this had happened:

And no, that's not dirt. It's paint. I guess I'll wear socks to Joanne's.

Wish me luck.

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Su said...

The "bobbies" are beautiful! I can;t get oever hiw much they've grown!