Saturday, July 5, 2008


Of course, it will soon be time to go back to the J-O-B, and I still hate my clothes. All of them. Another massive closet clean-out will be executed soon. And when I say executed, I really do mean executed. I hate my current wardrobe just that much. Fire? Guillotine? But no hanging. They have been hanging too long already.

First up on the chopping block will be things that don't fit. They don't fit because they are not the same size as I am, they are too tight in certain areas, the armholes drive me crazy, they look like sacks, they are washed to death, and they all look like Grandma clothes. So what I'm really saying is that they don't fit the mental image of myself that I carry around in my head. To realize the mental image I need to lose about 40 pounds (that's a lot of biscuits, yall) and about 15 years.

The first thing may happen (40 pounds), but not in the next four weeks. The second thing? I wouldn't go back to that age. No, thank you. There's a lot to be said for growing into who you really are as a person, and time is the only thing that will get you there.

So although I haven't been 35 in a long time, most of the current fashions can still be worn by a person of a certain age. Modified for modesty, I think most things worn by a 35-year old can be worn by others. Anyone else out there agree with me on this?

Some really cute summer things have been out there on the internet and in the stores and many of them are halter backs. No, thanks. But why not use the cute front and add a regular back to it? That's what I mean by modifying for modesty and maturity. Just because we are aging does not mean we must be confined to square, shapeless blazer jackets and straight skirts. Or does it?

Thinking about all of this led me to Style for a look at the Fall 2008 collections. One of the lead articles is about collars. So I borrowed a few photos to talk about.

This one is by BCBG. Love this collar. It does what a collar is meant to do, that is, it frames the face. Soft, drapable fabrics for this one, preferably in a solid. But I can also see this in a silky print. So feminine. Did you notice the sleeves? They are a little longer, giving the entire top a sort of layered petal look. The length of those sleeves is critical to the look of the collar. Lengthen that jumper by one foot and I think this would work for me. And the model? She needs a biscuit.

This one has a detail you don't see very often. Look at the two collars-one squared, one rounded. A very interesting look. The sleeves have a soft rounded look also. Again, add length to the hemline and I really like this one, too. It's from Yigal Azrouel.

This one, from Allessandro Dell Acqua, has a straight cut across the neck instead of the normal curve. Very simple. The back neckline looks to be a funnel cut, and the sleeves are cut kimono-style. A classic look, to me anyway. The width across the shoulders will balance out a heavy bottom, too.

Next up is this one by Allegra Hicks. It's folded double back onto itself. I'm still trying to figure out how to cut this one. If you have an idea, just go ahead and shout it out.

Here's another one by BCBG. This is a circle collar (notice how it's not gathered into the neckband?) and it's cut of two contrasting fabrics with the bottom layer slightly longer than the top one. I have a pattern around here somewhere with this collar, and as soon as I dig it up I'll post it.

This shirtdress by Lanvin appears to be made of a jersey knit and what caught my eye here is just how minimal the collar actually is. I need a better and bigger photo of this one because there looks like something rolled going on here, but I can't tell what it is! If you find a better photo, please leave me a link to it. It's cut way too low (think camisole?) and I would lose the black eyeliner. But my hair looks just like that when I get out of the shower.

I like this jacket by Y & Kei. It has a military feel, doesn't it? Those look like angled front bands and the bottom band looks to be heavily topstitched, but look at that collar! It really softens the whole look up. I have a pattern here somewhere for that collar, too (I think it's a Vogue). Sigh. I need to dig for it. And did you notice the soft rolled collar on the tank under it?

And last but not least, look at this take on a shirtdress. It needs to be silk, of course, or a really good fake silk, and I actually found a pattern for this one:

Vogue 1017 by Sandra Betzina, the one that everyone seemed to laugh at. Just extend the ruffled collar down below the waist and continue it over to the opposite side. Use the short sleeve without the bottom band/ruffle to get the same effect on the sleeves.

I'm off. Do you feel a massive sew-a-thon coming in this space soon?


Sewfast said...

Nice post...being of "that age" myself, I can truly relate to what you're saying. Sharon recently sewed this's the link down the page Mary

Anonymous said...

I always get great inspiration from your sewing posts. Thanks!
As for the collars, I really like the ones by Yigal Azrouel and Allegra Hicks. Not sure why everyone would laugh at V1017, it's nice too. Good luck with the up-coming sew-a-thon. Looking forward to more inspiration!

Dianna said...

Every day when I click on your blog and see no new updates, I pray for your family and the babies - that all is well - or if not, will be soon! Miss your blogging!

margi said...

I wonder if the facing and coat were cut as one and then folded on the "fold line".

patsijean said...

How have you been, Juliane? I miss your blog, but know you probably are very busy. I do hope you solved your clothing delima.

Melissa said...

Burdastyle has a great jacket with that last collar done up in velvet... it's gorgeous!