Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting A Few Things Out Of The Way

I have a couple of projects that I am trying to finish up before the 2011 Crazy Project I will begin on January 1. Here are some snaps of one of the things I'm trying to move on outta here:

This will eventually be a king-size bed quilt, specifically requested by my husband to keep him warm at night. And, gee, for all these thirty-odd years I thought that was MY job. Oh, well.

The quilt pattern is a variation of courthouse steps and is made of 100% cottons, some of which are from the late 1970s. Yeah, I have quite the fabric stash in this place.

The only left to do to this puppy is to arrange all 49 squares into something pleasant to look at and stitch them together into a completed top. I have the quilt batting, but I need to come up with a backing fabric. Excellent excuse to go to my Not-So-Local-Quilt-Shop, isn't it?

I intend to get this one out of the way today. Then I'm going to drag out a couple of hundred vintage patterns and start gearing up for the new project!

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