Monday, January 10, 2011

Muslin 2, Advance 8524, Bodice Again

From the land of beautiful icicles and flickering electricity, I bring you the latest version of Muslin 2--the front, back, and side views of the bodice:

You have probably noticed a difference in the fit on the left and right sides. The fit on my left side is the best, and is the one I will go with. The side view is of the left side, where a zipper will be inserted.

Following Linda T and Robin's advice, I tackled the extra width and length in the upper bodice area first. After trying this on and pinning out excess in different areas, I decided the best method was to remove the extra width in the front by pinning it out along princess seam lines. This is the area where I had originally added two inches, so in effect I have now reduced this to one inch total.

This adjustment not only reduced the width, it somehow made the rest of the bodice "sit" where it is supposed to "sit." It also changed the angle of the shoulder seam, making that area better than before, but I still made a slight adjustment at the shoulder seam to move the shoulder seam into place. The side seams are good.

The only final concern I have is the bit of drag lines at the underarm, particularly in the back. I may need to lower the back armhole a bit, as well as scoop out the front armhole a tad. The original pattern has an extended shoulder line, if you remember (the white one):

Maybe it's just me, but I want to feed Miss White Dress a few biscuits and some cornbread.

So, please, kick in here with any suggestions. Should I leave it as it is and go shopping for fabric? Or tweak it a bit more?
It's nice to have an in-house photographer today, since schools are closed:

I think he wants me to turn up the heat.


Gail said...

I admire your perseverence. I would have given up by now. You should try lowering the armhole but the shoulder slope may also need adjustment.

Ada said...

It always amazes me how just by taking out the extra width everythng else fell into place. It looks really nice on you.