Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Knitting

I've been working on this sweater:

From this book:

Using luscious Noro Silk Garden--so far I have finished the back:

And I have started working on the left front. Can I say just how much I love Noro yarn? Especially Silk Garden? Soft, crushable, silky, beautiful coloration, gorgeous in cables or just plain knitting. I can't buy enough of it.
When my sister was here visiting last weekend for the big birthday gala, she helped me fit Muslin 2 (the armhole issues) of Dress 1, so hopefully I will get the final fit sewn and mastered this weekend.
It's been a busy week for me since I am trying to meet a deadline for my business, but I did spend a bit of time reading the instruction manual for the Bernina 640E machine. My impressions so far? WOW. Bernina doesn't call this baby a sewing machine, they call it a sewing computer. I have a lot of play time with this thing ahead of me.
More later!

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