Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Facing Reality

I have succumbed once again to Dress Fever. In particular, I want a simple, sophisticated, sleek looking dress, preferably in brown linen, in the luscious Coffee Liqueur shade on yesterday's Pantone Fall 2011 color chart.

On the cutting table, I have been busily hacking away on a muslin for this little number from Vogue:

This is Vogue 8682, a Very Easy Very Vogue design. Here's the line drawing for this one:

I am working on View A, the shorter length with the shorter sleeve length. So far the sleeves seem to be elbow length, which is a nice look for this.

Cutting this one out took a little bit of soul searching and a lot of Facing Reality.

Facing Reality #1:

I took early retirement from teaching two years ago. During that time I have been working in my own business. This business requires a lot of sitting time, both in front of the laptop and in a chair/recliner/sofa, etc.

Facing Reality #2:

Sitting doesn't use up a lot of calories.

Facing Reality #3:

My usual main form of exercise (heavy gardening work) is no longer available to me. (More on this in a future post.)

Facing Reality #4:

The best workout I currently get is from houseWORK. Not my favorite.
Second best current workout involves kitchen appliances. This is a favorite.
Third best current workout is fork lifting, the hands-down all time favorite.

Facing Reality #5:

A session with the tape measure indicated I needed a WAY BIG size in this dress. WAY BIGGER than anything I have ever made for myself. Or that I have made for anyone else, now that I think about it.....

Facing Reality #6:

I need to put on my Big Girl Pants and cut out the WAY BIG size.

Facing Reality #7:

The damn thing fits me.

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