Monday, November 12, 2012

Burda 7189 Muslin Part 3

I'm pretty disgusted with this.

In the first photo, I have scooped out the front armhole on my left side (the right side in the photo).

I have lengthened one sleeve 1/2 inch and the other sleeve 1 inch. My left sleeve is longer. I have reduced the seam allowances in the side seams, front princess seams, and back inset seams.

Now the shirt has no shape at all.

But then again, neither do I.

But these last two photos tell the real story.


I can't move my arms.

I'm going to widen the sleeves at the bicep.
I'm going to lengthen the armhole.
I'm going to chop it up with the scissors.


Gail said...

I think that you might need to start the muslin again. To my eye you need to go down a size (based on your high bust measurement) and do a full bust adjustment. the garment will fit better around the sleeves and especially the hips which is too big. You can also widen the sleeves which will give you more movement.

Juliane said...

Thanks, Gail, you are absolutely right. I've started making alteration notes for a new muslin already. Not giving up yet!