Friday, November 30, 2012

Vogue 1177 An Hour And A Half Later

After an hour and a half of my life essentially wasted fooling around with the front bodice pieces of this dress/top, I had this mess.

You can see in the top photo that the lower bodice is tucked and overlaid onto the upper bodice.

Each section has tucks. The top section has five and the lower section has seven.

These two pieces DO NOT line up correctly. Repeat, DO NOT.

Before I cut this pattern out of my fabric I looked on Pattern Review and saw only seven reviews. One of the seamstresses had trouble getting these pieces to work together. That is why I spent so much time chalk marking and rulerizing (great word, I just made it up) and checking and comparing and measuring and thread tracing every single tuck, notch, dot, circle, folding, stitching line, you name it on my cut pieces.

The lady was absolutely right. The bottom photo above shows just how far off the pieces are. After I finally accepted the obvious evidence, I had to lie down on the floor in the dark for a few minutes because I do not EXPECT this sort of thing from Vogue patterns.

So I just added another tuck to the lower bodice piece on the center front edge to make it line up, and next thing you know I have this.

Don't point out that you can't see crap in this photo. What matters most here is that I KNOW I fixed it. Otherwise, it would have truly been a waste of my time.

This is a better photo. Hard to photograph, sorry about that.



Anonymous said...

How I wish I'd read your post before spending an evening trying to figure out where I was going wrong with the pattern! Why did I assume it was me and not a pattern error?

thank you

Juliane said...

You are so very welcome. This one is still wadded up in a bag in the closet, by the way. I just can't bear to throw away all that time!