Saturday, January 27, 2007

Absolutely No Self Control

You good people didn't really think I made it out of the fabric store with just Green Goddess the other day, now did you? I couldn't leave all her best friends behind, could I? Of course not. Meet them:

This is Golden Tulip. She is a splash of old-fashioned summer time, with off white, gold, and pink flowerettes scattered all about. She is perfect for a little baby dress with luscious shades of rose, lemon, and grass green. I am beginning to see a little ecru lace and satin ribbon in the mix, too.

Speaking of roses, here's Rose Garden:

Large beautiful roses in shades of pink, coral, and palest creamy yellow with dark golden leaves jumped off the bolt and into the bag, too! I'm thinking shades of coral, yellow ribbons, and maybe some dangling pockets, perhaps? I need to sketch this one out.

And this is Milky Way! She really is the life of the party. If you gave a four year old a box of crayons and requested a picture of the Milky Way, this is probably what you'd get:

I love this one. And I know a little girl who would love it, especially with huge purple buttons!

And this is Corn Field:

I almost passed her by, but she has since Spoken To Me. On the ride home, she kept whispering things like "bright green grosgrain ribbon" and "flounced sleeves" and other such nonsense. We'll see.

Here's another Wild and Crazy girl, AKA as Daisy Riot:

This one is fabulous, not only for the colors (grape background with dark purple, hot pink, golden orange, lemon yellow, and several yummy shades of lime green), but also for the design inspiration. Look at the flowers and leaves. Can you see these traced off, enlarged, and used for applique? Imagine a pale pink microcheck base fabric, with large appliques applied with decorative stitches. Now throw in some ribbon stems. Add a handful of big buttons for the centers of the flowers.

And last but not least, here is Veranda, who is the Very Best Friend of Green Goddess!

Why have I christened her as Veranda? Because she is exactly what I wish I could see while I'm sitting on my own veranda, instead of the mostly dead, weed-infested roses and flower beds that I currently gaze upon. She may end up being worn as a skirt by me!

I'm giving these girls (and Green Goddess too) a free trip on the merry-go-round this afternoon. Now that they are Out Of The Bag, a quick bath and tumble are required. But first, there are eight loads of dirty laundry that are in line ahead of them.


Gary said...

I love the new fabrics, especially the names!

CandlebyNight said...

OH I love Veranda! What a beautiful apron she would make.
I have to say, when I checked your blog the other day and saw "Green Goddess" I did wonder if that was all you had escaped the fabric store with!

Juliane said...

Why, Candle, I have the feeling that you spend waaaaaay too much time in the fabric store, too!

Veranda would make a great apron. What would you pair her with, another floral, or maybe a stripe?