Saturday, January 27, 2007

Amanda vs. Retro Grace, Round 2

Round 2 of pleating Purple Passion has commenced. I have pre-assembled all the necessary supplies:

If you've just started reading this blog, you may think this is extreme. But I know better. This time, I am well prepared for this event. I threaded all the needles, taped the fabric to the Magic Stick, lined the edge of the fabric up with one of the grooves, and we were off.

Things started out just dandy, see?

I'm beginning to get excited. Things are looking good:

Isn't this lovely? Such nice, full, even pleats. I'm wearing the tap shoes and just waiting for the happy dance--when what do you know? A Catastrophe!!

Do you see what I am pointing at here? A more intelligent person would have already seen this, since it was perfectly obvious in the previous pictures. But not me. Oh no, I had the cart before the horse on this one. I had already picked out the embroidery colors. And the smocking pattern. Now I have to pull out the pleating threads, rethread the needles, retape it to the Magic Stick, line it all up again, consume some medical supplies, and persevere. And it is High Time I made this pleater realize that I am the Boss of my sewing.

Round 2 to Amanda.


CandlebyNight said...

How many rows was that?

Juliane said...

I pleated 18 rows. The top and bottom rows won't be smocked--they are the holding rows. They keep the pleats below and above standing up straight.