Monday, January 29, 2007

Lovely, Lovely Pockets

Here's a vintage McCall's pattern (yep, the mail again) from 1953 you might enjoy. And why yes, I do have A Thing about pockets:

One drawback to the old McCall's patterns is that they don't give you those divine descriptions like Vogue. So let's make one up.

"Semi-fitted bodice with scandolously seductive scalloped neckline complimented by clever curves on short sleeves or elegant elbow length sleeves. Pleated inset pockets pair with the pleated waist. Superbly stitched scallops shape the pocket edges. Below knee length. Inset vestee allows one to remain demure if one chooses not to be daring." How about that for a write-up?

Here's the back:

Did you notice that the skirt front has a center seam, but the skirt back follows princess lines? Very unusual. Those pieces identified as "waist" facings are actually for the necklines. And there is a choice of a side zip or hooks and snaps. The patterns for the requisite belt and shoulder pads are included.
Also interesting is the shape of the sleeve cap, which is something I've noticed on just about all of my older patterns. The front "bell" and the back "bell" are not identical, which means that 50 years ago these patterns were drafted to actually fit the female body.
I can see this in a warm honey gold for spring, but at this point I can't see it in a print. It is probably because you would lose the details (scallops! topstitching!) in most print fabrics. I would probably wear a contrasting tee under it instead using the vestee. Or raise the vestee just a bit to cover the Twins and still have an open neck.
It's my birthday, by the way, and I am going downstairs to cook up a big pot of chili and make grilled cheese sandwiches to boot. While it simmers, I'll be smocking away on Purple Passion. Hopefully I'll get a photo up later tonight.


Gary said...

Happy Birthday!!!

What did you get?

Juliane said...

Love, love, the form of a home-cooked meal (and not by me!), hugs, kisses, cake, ice cream, singing, a fiery cake, and prizes!!!