Sunday, January 28, 2007

And Round Three Goes To....

Amanda and I had a little sit-down at the kitchen table, and this is what I brought to the party:

Yes, it was a serious conversation. Once she realized that the hammer was for her, and the Hershey bar was for me, she did this:

Now that's what I'm talking about.

You may remember last week when I made the front bodice smocking guide--here it is again.

I measured it at its widest point, like so:

Okay, so I need this pleated piece to be 11 1/2 inches wide when I tie the threads off. I tied the left side off first. I spread the pleats flat on the left and right edges since there is a 1/2 inch seam allowance on this pattern. I want those seam allowance edges flat, with nice straight even pleats in the middle. I placed the guide on top to make sure it's the right size before I start smocking. A little too big is not a problem; a little too little can be a Big Problem. It's looking good, so I went ahead and tied off the right side, too:

These are the floss colors I've decided on. Of course, that is subject to change once I start smocking.

Now I'm going straighten the pleats as much as possible (I use my fingernails for this) and I'm going to shoot this baby with lots of steam. Once it dries, I'll be smocking, smocking, smocking...
Stay tuned. I hope your evening will be as pleasant as mine!


Gary said...

Glad to see you won.

What wonderful floss colors you're using to smock!

CandlebyNight said...

I have several questions about smocking the whole bodice from shoulder to skirt. I see in the picture that you do not have the neck or arms cut out of the fabric. When does that part come in?

OHHH and I looked on ebay and bought 2 copies of Australian Smocking and Emboidery. Are you good a bullion roses? I'm not very good at them and wondered if you knew of somewhere online to get clear instructions on how to make them.
Have fun.