Friday, January 19, 2007

Making a Pattern

I have been busy working on Purple Passion. The first thing I did was trace off the pattern pieces I needed. I use this:

It's Pellon True Grid 810 and it's ruled off in one inch squares. This stuff is wonderful for pattern making. I bought this at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. It regularly sells for $1.79, so I paid half of that. At that price, go ahead and buy a full bolt (25 yards). You'll thank yourself for it. It's thicker than interfacing, but still sheer enough to see through. Love it. Here's my traced pieces (I used a washout marker):

For this dress I plan to smock the entire bodice, from shoulders to just below the armholes, so I traced half the front bodice, flipped the pattern, and traced the other half. I'll probably cut a bodice piece to use for the front bodice lining. At any rate, I needed the full front bodice piece to use to adjust the pleats before smocking.

Little Red Dress!

The finished product:

I used seven mother of pearl buttons and sewed them on with red thread. I know a Princess who is anxiously awaiting this dress!

Here's the pattern I used, and I highly recommend it. Easy to use, very straight forward, simple construction.


CandlebyNight said...

The dress is beautiful. I'm always hesitant to go with bolder colored embroidery floss. I'm hoping I can figure out how you put that hem in. It looks so tailored and "right". Thank you for your blog. I've gotten several sewing tips already.
I finished a smocked pinafore and am almost finished with another dress. (My hubby is out of town so I've had a lot of late nights to sew while the dc sleep) The pinafore is on my blog. I'll post the other dress when it is finished.

Keep blogging!

Juliane said...

Thanks, Candle, for the encouragement. I am still trying to figure out the camera thing, so hopefully the photos will get better.

Juliane said...

Candle, will you send me your blog address so I can come visit? The link is not working. Thanks.

CandlebyNight said...