Monday, January 22, 2007

The Princess Makes An Appearance

Her Royal Highness the Princess made a visit here yesterday, and LOOK! She's wearing the LITTLE RED DRESS!!!

Did you notice how her eyes match the dress? What a wonderful grandchild! I can't wait to see her in Purple Passion! Here's another shot:

Not every Princess can instantly customize her eye color! It's amazing! (And no, her feet are NOT gargantuan! I obviously can't work a camera!)

Another shot from the back:

And now we have the jumping baby photo: (This one shows the actual fabric color well)

And check out the bloomers and gams on this gal, won't you?

And the First Round Goes to Amanda:
Meet Amanda, the Super 24 row Pleater my darling offspring presented me with on Christmas Day. She's a tough girl, and I've been whupped at this point.
Look carefully and you will see the four missing (broken to smithereens) pleater needles:

I gave up a peace offering of one stabbed finger and several drops of blood, but she wouldn't relent. She flat out REFUSED to pleat Purple Passion.
It may well be that all those muffled cuss words may have offended her somewhat.
So I'm just ignoring her for the time being, and spending my time drooling over this instead:

Yes, dear readers, something new has appeared in the mail. Strange how this keeps happening. My husband may have some harsh words for the mailman before this is over.
But look at the necklines! I love them both--it guess this must be what having twins is like, not being able to choose a favorite one. This is a very elegant look and the V necklines would make any lady look taller and slender, since it draws the eye vertically. (I sure need that to distract from the not so svelte waistline area, but we'll let that be our little secret).
Added to all this gorgeousness is the three quarter length sleeves. Check out the buttoned cuffs. A definite Go Buy Fabric Now dress. Here's the pattern back:
Click on the picture and you can see the pattern pieces more clearly. I haven't opened this one up yet, but the bodice pieces are very interesting! If you've made this one, I'd love to hear how it went together.
And no, this one is actually too BIG, so I'll be grading it down quite a bit. I heard all that snickering going on out there.


CandlebyNight said...

It occured to me that you might like to check out my favorite vintage pattern seller on Ebay.
Vintage4me2. She has some great vintage patterns listed.
Happy looking.

Diane said...

Awesome dress!