Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Retro, 1952 Style

Well, girls and boys, the mailman has been at it again. Look what has shown up here now (strange how he keeps bringing stuff I really, really like, isn't it?). This is a vintage 1952 McCalls frock, complete with a darling little bolero jacket:

But before you turn up your nose at this little number, take a good look at this bolero. It's not just your run-of-the-mill bolero, no sireeeee... Look at the piecing on the front--it has bustline darts!

Why am I so excited? Because this little trick will turn a baggy, shapeless thing into a divine little cover-up that will make us look skinny! Yes, US, skinny! The actual wearing of this thing will hide those unsightly belly bulges (yall know what I'm talking about here), and it will make us look ten pounds lighter, too!

If you are fortunate enough not to have already birthed five babies, and are still super skinny and gorgeous, just wear it without the jacket. The dress itself, with its scalloped neckline, would be wonderful for late spring or all summer long. The waistline and bust darts allow YOU to determine just how loosely (or not) you want the fit. There is the requisite side seam zipper, too.

Check out the pattern back and you may notice another nice feature of this pattern--the bolero shawl collar:

This collar is cut separately from the jacket front, which means it will roll beautifully at the seam line. An interfacing piece for the jacket is also provided, which means this beauty will hold its shape on and on and on......

The only drawback that I see? There is no pocket. But since I am the BOSS of this pattern, I decree that pockets there will be! I'm in full alert mode as of now, lying in wait for a big beautiful floral print for this one. And a nice lightweight linen for the bolero.

This jumped off the bolt, climbed in the car with me, and whined all the way home:

This photo looks a little limey on my screen, but it's actually a pale lime. And why was it whining? Because the poor thing didn't have a name. It is now christened Green Goddess. Now I need to decide just which little lady-in-waiting, and just which pattern, and just which ribbons and buttons.....

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