Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spring Is On My Mind

We are all set for a night of freezing temperatures here, but I have thoughts of Spring in my mind. The reason? Why, this little thing that came in the mail:

This is Vogue 8380, circa 1954. A lovely little dress for afternoon browsing in the local WalMart (which I don't want to go to EVER again, since they dropped all the fabric, thread, and most of the embroidery line--yall don't get me started!!!) or for the glass of sweet tea on the back porch. Don't you just love it? If you look carefully you can see the fancy seaming technique on the front bodice/skirt piece. Here's the back:

Now I enjoy a sewing challenge like this--setting an inset bodice piece into a side piece. What satisfaction can be enjoyed from doing this well! This type of thing doesn't scare me off.
Another neat thing about this is the bodice that is gathered into a band. It gives the effect of those "twisty tops" that are currently so popular. Just goes to show that the old retro designs are all around us, if we just take time to look.
If you're ahead of the game and are already planning your wardrobe for Fall 2007, here's a nice designer item just for you:
I'm going to pretend that I am making this high dollar outfit for myself. I am working on the list of materials I need to gather for constructing and accessorizing this look. Anyone want to play along? Let's have fun!


CandlebyNight said...

Make sure vinyl is at the top of your list. That is a scary dress!

Gary said...

for that dress you need:

a gardening hat

some vinyl off an old car seat

a zipper about 4 feet long

some hockey pucks for buttons

some vintage thrift store gloves


a few plaid napkins

Juliane said...

a stapler
a roll of duct tape
a plastic flower