Monday, February 12, 2007

Green is for Go

Well, the Royal Mother of Her Royal Highness the Princess, otherwise known as Miss Christmas by one and all, likes the green. After much hemming and hawing around, it was decided that Purple Passion needed green at the top--hence the row of green cables. The final row of the second design will be pink, then another green cable row, then a repeat of the first design. At least, that's the plan right this second.

Before this is done I am liable to take it ALL OUT and START OVER. Yes.

In the comments the other day, Candle asked where I got all my patterns. Why, from the good folks at e-bay, of course. I'm still opening mail, and this was another great e-bay win:

You will have noticed, of course, that the pattern back showing the yardage requirements is not there! This means I will be forced to buy about 5 yards of fabric (really, 3 should be gracious plenty) and the extra will go into the quilt fabric pile. I'm a great planner, aren't I?
I just love this dress. It's a wraparound and has a giant bow sash in the back. It's very full, very girlee, and since the pattern pieces are unprinted, I put this one about 1945-1950 since nary a copyright date is to be found.
And the fact that not a single little lady-in-waiting around here can wear this size fazes me not. That's what closets are for. This one will get made and just "hang" around until it fits someone. If you happen to spot this pattern in another size somewhere, please let me know. I want them all!
A nasty head cold has come to live inside my head right behind my eyeballs, so I'm going to drink coffee, lie down, and dream of little girls in beautiful dresses.

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