Friday, February 9, 2007

Purple Passion and a Questions Of The Day

Why, no, I haven't thrown Purple Passion to the wind. Here she is in her current state:

If you are fortunate enough to have this issue of AS&E and are following along, you can see that I have completed the first part of the design and have begun the second design area. Still a little undecided on which colors to use in this area, but the pink is a definite must. I like the way this is working up. I need three colors here and the choices are A) pink, red, bright green B) pink, red, medium lavender C) pink, medium lavender, green. If you would like to help, vote for your favorite combination in the comments. I simply cannot decide, and I really hate to "backspace".

This was in the mail pile, a little something from Vogue, circa 1957:

And here's the back:

The pattern description: "All around gathered skirt joins the bodice at waistline. Tucked front below Peter Pan collar. Short sleeves with cuffs. Shaped plastron buttons at waistline."

The beige printed dress on the pattern front shows what appears to be two tucks on each side of the center front. That's a nice little detail. The sleeves have a separate shaped cuff piece, not a straight cuff. That little shaped cuff piece will make a lovely little sleeve, don't you think? It's all in the details, which are seriously lacking in modern commercial patterns. And check out the width of the skirt piece. Nice full gathers. The shaped scallops on the front edge of the plastron are nice, too. Mixed to match fabrics, perhaps? Cuffs to match the plastron? A scalloped underskirt peeking out from the hemline? Lots of design possibilites with this one.

And I absolutely must show you this photo, since so many of us crave days gone by and wish to return to the days of yore--the cavewoman dress:

Seriously, folks, this is from the fall 2007-2008 collection of an internationally known designer!

I'll end up here with the Question Of The Day:
What did they call the Peter Pan collar before the days of Peter Pan?


CandlebyNight said...

I vote for "C". the design is beautiful.
I love the Vogue. My fav is the red plaid with the white. So sweet.

Can I ask? Where do you get ALL your patterns?


Anonymous said...

I vote for C too. The pink, lavender and green.

I think this dress is my favorite so far because of the colors and pattern on the fabric.

I think the Peter Pan collar was called a bib. Just a guess.


CandlebyNight said...

Oh yes, the question of the day.
Peter Pan got his name from the collar.