Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Reasons I'm Glad To Be Back Home

I missed my king size bed
I missed my husband
I missed my boys and girls
I missed baby neck sugar
I missed my students (I can hardly believe this one myself)
I missed my needles and threads
I missed my coffee maker (if you know me personally, you understand how important this is)
In short, I missed my life.

I returned home with enough yarn to open a shop. Seriously. And I have to go back and get the rest of it. Another large truckload, at least. My brothers came and brought me one 32 foot U-Haul truckload of yarn and garden furniture already. But the very best thing? They all gave me our mother's old black Singer sewing machine that our daddy bought her when they first married 60 years ago. He taught her to sew. And she taught my sister and me, using that old Singer. Our childhood was stitched up with that old thing. She made clothes for the four of us with it, and later we made our own clothes. That will be me on e-bay, bidding on parts for it. Fair warning--don't bother to bid on any ancient Singer stuff. I intend to win.

It was also pointed out to me by Brother Number 2 that I am now the delegated baby blanket maker in the family. I will never need to buy yarn again. Our mother had a 10 x 12 room literally stacked and packed to the ceiling with it, trunks full of it, closets full of it, suitcases full of it--if she had still had a car, the trunk would have been packed with it, too. And there were crochet hooks and knitting needles stored in random purses. She was always prepared for new babies-to-be.

This One Will Never Be Made

Now open for the consideration of the court is the question of why this will never be made (by me at least). Look at this pattern and see if you can figure out the top three reasons it will never feel the scissors:

If you guessed the front welt pockets, inset waistband, and gathered bodice, you win.

Occasionally I buy something knowing full well I will never use it or wear it. And I have the shoes to prove it. But this pattern appealed to me because of the inset bodice design. One day I will take this bodice and make a great blouse/top out of it. But as for the entire dress? Even Kate Moss would look like a real fattie in this. I really wish I could find the black and white spectator pumps, though. I would buy those and never wear them, either.

If you are a glutton for self debasement and think you would look good in this, check out the back:

Even the line drawing makes it look like you'd have the rear end of an elephant. Case dismissed!
I'm headed downstairs. I'm going to go open all those packages the mailman brought while I was away :) and then I am going to smock for a while.
It's good to be home.

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