Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Golden Tulip Puzzle

Please ignore yesterday's post, if you can. The Raving Rant-A-Lot has left the building. How did I manage that? I went and got my hair cut. Again. If anything else goes wrong I'll be the spitting image of Britney Spears.

Anyway, here are the photos I intended to show you yesterday. These two pieces:

and this piece:

get friendly with this piece

and create something new (or old, actually, since the pattern itself is old) and different. New and different to me, at any rate. Can you figure it out?

You recognize the fabric, I'm sure, from the earlier posts about it. If not, just follow the link-backs to Golden Tulip, since I don't have access to that scan right now....

And just for the official record, this doesn't close on the left side with a zipper after all. It has applied bias bands with snaps to close. That will also be something new and different.

Although the pattern doesn't call for it, I'm thinking about lining the bodice. And I need to make a decision about cutting out the collar and pocket flaps. Right now I'm leaning towards using the dress fabric and adding a lace edge. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

I'm going to sew now and might, just might, get some photos up later today. Check back later!


CandlebyNight said...

But Grace, the collar and the pocket flaps would look so pretty in a contrasting fabric.
Glad you are feeling better.

CandlebyNight said...

I ment that as a suggestion. Perhaps ecru for the contrast?

Juliane said...

I agree with you about the contrast. Good idea! I have some little yellow check I'm going to dig out.