Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

We're still on fire down South, a situation that has really made my sinuses give me fits. The wildfires down here are unbelievable. Even though we are a good 150 miles away from the fires, our town has been covered in smoke for three weeks. It even gets inside the house. It has been so bad I've gotten up a couple of times at night, thinking that our house was on fire. It hasn't rained here since the night of the tornado (March 1). The word dry just can't describe it. There is a huge bog down in the Okefeenokee swamp, and the authorities say it will take a tropical storm system to sit on top of that bog and rain for 4 or 5 days to put it out. They say that Nature will have to put it out, that Man Alone just can't do it.

Although I'm feeling a little better now, I'm still not back up to par. Today is the first day I've been on the Internet since my last post. Is eBay still in business??????

I haven't finished Blue Bonnet. All it needs is buttonholes and a hem.

I haven't cut out that cute little baby bubble either. It's still sitting there, all sad, on the cutting table.

On my first day of vacation, last Thursday, I had a pajama day. I laid around all day, feeling puny, and read a little bit.

On Day 2 of my vacation, I decided to get a haircut. That always makes me feel better. In fact I was feeling so rotten I had highlights, too. That helped.

On Day 3 of my vacation, I resorted to Shopping Therapy. I scored this yarn (so soft!) at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each!

On Day 4 I continued the Shopping Therapy at Joanne's. I got 5 yards of a linen/rayon blend (for me!), two Burda patterns, and a scallop-making thingee:

On Day 5 I took a road trip (more Shopping Therapy!) with my Stitching Friend. We went to the needlework store, two yarn shops, and Michaels. Pictures to come!

Today I feel better than I have in two weeks. I've been off the Claritin-Delirium for 6 days now and am beginning to feel like myself again, although I still have the sinus/chest thing. My sleep patterns are still all screwed up--I sleep at night for three hours, and then get up. I'm tired, but not sleepy.

I really want to make some capri pants and nice slacks out of the linen, but I would LOVE to lose 15 pounds before I have to go back to school (and before I make the pants). So I've decided to spend less time with a fork in my hand, and more time on this:

See how dead the grass is? And we aren't allowed to water.

I'm riding this thing (it's my brother's) at 6 a.m. and about 10 p.m. Why so late early? Well, for one, I'm less likely to get run over. For number two, yall have no idea how HOT it is down here. And number three, I sure look stupid with that little helmet on.


Anonymous said...

A student realizes that he does not ever need to do drugs if simply Claritin D makes his teacher go crazy and start talking about feminine products---what a shame!

P.S. Come visit me soon in the Citizens Bank drive-through!

Kim said...

It's HOT and dry in Kentucky too. While no where near as dry as down there, they are just starting to have a water shortage. Just think, this is the first year I've put out a garden in a LOOONNG time and I may not be able to water it.