Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Road Trip

Hello from Virginia!

My brother, the two Random Teenagers, and I are on a Road Trip this week. Our first stop? Staunton, Virginia to meet my brother's new grandson! Here they are:

Isn't he a cute little rascal? And sweet, oh my goodness! More shots:

The Sweet Baby Neck Sugar shot:

Look at those cheeks!

The "I Am Elvis" shot:

After an eleven hour car trip with three guys, I earned the right to go shopping. The first stop was The Knitting Corner. She's closing up shop, and I got there just in time to buy all the remaining Noro for 5 bucks each. The next stop was Rachel's Quilting near the old train depot. If you haven't been here, girls, get in the car and head to Virginia. Loads and loads of fabric, with absolutely wonderful batiks! Here's some of the loot:

I'm the fat one, knitting. That's my brother, trying to play solitaire. I'm giving him lessons (in solitaire). The scarf is for him, since I've listened to eleven hours of whining about the air conditioning in the car. Us fat girls like our cold air. When we checked into the motel, the first thing the Random Teenagers did was hit the pool.

The "We're Sad, The Pool is Closed" shot:

It took several pizzas to cheer them up. Then a Random Cousin showed up, and they started a new game. The "Let's Stay Up All Night" shot:

The "I'm Hungry Again, Feed Me" shot:

So far we've fed these guys every two hours.

Sometimes life sends you a chuckle when you don't expect it. We saw this sign on the road and I went back to grab this picture:

My brother's name? Jack, of course.
Wednesday morning we are headed north to Shelburne, Vermont, to visit the Shelburne Museum. These guys are S O O O O O O O EXCITED to go to the museum with the largest collection of needlework samplers and quilts in the U. S.!

And I saved the best picture for last:

Next stop--Vermont!


AmandaMay said...

You have a long drive! I hope you enjoy Vermont - I live in Burlington and its a really great town. The quilts at the Shelburne are amazing - you are in for a treat! If you want some more culture, I work at a lovely Art Gallery called Studio STK (www.studiostk.com). I hope you enjoy your Vermont visit!

Juliane said...

Thanks, amandamay! If you know of any quilt, needlework, or knitting shops in the area, please leave me the info in the comments. Thanks!

AmandaMay said...

This woman has an online yarn shop and goes to craft fairs, but she also lives around Burlington and might be able to show her wares - her website is http://www.misshawklet.com/