Friday, July 13, 2007

She's Showing Her Slee-vage

Still busy working on the wool sweater-I know it's insane, but yall know what I say about the heat in the South-which is Eloise from the Noro Knits book by Jane Ellison, by the way. Here's the sleeves, all curled up on their little selves:

They curl because they are worked in reverse stockinette stitch (or the back side of the knitting--geesh, isn't that a much easier way to understand it? but I digress).

Next we have two fronts, a left one and a right one, up close and personal-like:

If you look carefully at that photo, you will understand why I am busily knitting a third front.

Why? Because I originally bought three huge hanks of this stuff (3000 yards) and since it's all hand-dyed, each hank varies. What looked to me to be identical stuff actually has knitted up into two very obviously different colorations. So I am making another front out of a more closely matching hank. I figure I'll have about 1200 yards left over when I'm all done. Scarf, anyone?

Oh, yeah, I'm still cooking--supper Thursday night:

Supper Friday night:

Carbs, anyone?

I stand at the bottom of the staircase and whisper "food" and these guys appear EVERY time!


patsijean said...

"Food"--they would starve in my kitchen. That is a huge refrigerator; what brand is it? It is just amazing. I can see how you would need one like it.

Juliane said...

Actually it's two refrigerators. They are by Amana and they have the freezers on the bottom. We love them.