Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Quilt! And A Luau!

I promised pictures of my quilt in progress, and here it is!

Meet Fruit Salad!

The blocks aren't sewn together yet--they are just straight pinned to the wall, so it looks a little weird right now. The colors I used were bubble gum pink, lime, orange, fushcia, hot pink, black, brown, yellow, dark pink, and anything else that got in the way while I was cutting up.

The actual colors are about ten times brighter than what this looks like on my monitor--hence the name. Here's a close up of the piecing on one block (I can't believe how dull this looks in a photo):

Check out this corner:

And how did I accomplish such great work? Well, here's the secret, on the backside of this square:

It's foundation piecing! I recently bought a great book by Karen K Stone, smack full of wonderful patterns and ideas for quilts. It has all the patterns you need for this kind of work!

In other news, a Random Teenager recently celebrated his 16th birthday. We threw him a surprise Luau Party:

Aren't these guys cute with their little leis?

Of course The Princess was in attendance. And look! She's wearing Jamaica!

The Duke of Cute was tearing into the cake, outfitted in his Hawaiian shirt:

Here we are with the Birthday Boy (yes, my skirt is falling off, I know):
Here he is again, with me and our two daughters (check out those cute outfits!):
And yes, I made him wear that shirt. And if that wasn't embarassing enough for a 16 year old....we then did a hula dance just for him!

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