Sunday, July 29, 2007

Smocking on A Sunday Afternoon

I've been working on Woodstock, but I haven't accomplished as much as I had planned. Why? Because I had to go to the Room of Horrors (sewing room) to find the right needle. After 45 minutes I found it. And decided right there, on the spot, that something had to be done. I put away things that should have already been put away, filed away patterns, folded and petted the fabric, and swept the floor.

Then I went out into the upstairs hallway, which I consider to be an extension of the sewing room, and unloaded the sofa and the cutting table. I had placed the cutting table in a strategic spot, right in the middle of the landing. The way I had it figured, the Random Teenagers could get good exercise by leaping over it. But they are smarter than they are lazy--they just rolled it over out of the way. And all I was trying to do was be a Good Mother. Oh well.

Here's where I am so far:

This next shot gives truer colors of the fabric and the embroidery colors:

After much thinking and fiddling I decided to just use the blue for the smocking.

And the name Woodstock? I don't know, but I think this name came to me at the time of the Claritin Delirium incident. The flower pattern, the acid green, the hot all reminded me of the rock and roll extravaganza way back when. And no, I wasn't there.

In other exciting developments--I now have contact lenses! I can see the TV! And I have a LOT of wrinkles! And my house is filthy!

I think I'll go take them out.


garywayne said...

YAY! for being able to see!

I was wondering why this piece was called Woodstock... but the Claritin explanation is dead on. I understand now.

I like the blue, I love the blue, blue is the best color ever... but maybe you should think about adding just a hint of some other colors in there, to draw more attention to the smocking.

just a thought.

Meggy said...

You do lovely work... nice to have found your blog.

Maria in Minnesota said...

Maybe you could see if they carry rose colored contacts!!! By the way, the smocking is amazing, as usual!