Friday, July 6, 2007

Still Here In The Sizzling South

Hello again. Guess what I've discovered?

I get a LOT more done when I'm working, as opposed to when I'm on summer vacation. This strikes me as really odd, since I have lots more time to devote to projects during the summer. But I think I have figured out why it always works out this way--during the summer, I catch myself thinking "I can do that tomorrow" but when I'm working, I know that "tomorrow" I have to go to work, so I go ahead and do whatever it is TODAY!

But I have been somewhat busy with a lot of different projects, and of course, I've been taking pictures! And shopping!

Some yarn porn:

This is 100% wool, the softest stuff on earth, from the Great Andirondack Yarn Company, grown in Vermont. A close up of the gorgeous hand-dyed color:

Here's more of it, in a different colorway:

And yes, I've started knitting a sweater from it (why is it that I always want to knit with wool and make quilts when it's 100 degrees outside?)

Here's some fabulous Noro:

It's enough to make this pullover top:

Of course there's more stuff, too. And where did I get all this yummy goodness? From Shelburne, Vermont, at the Knitters Laine! I love this place. If you are within 3000 miles of it, get in the car NOW and go. They have the most beautiful selection of yarn I've ever seen, and are the nicest ladies on earth.

Here's the Toter Boys with some of the haul (don't you just love the flowerbed!)

And I learned two things while we were playing Black Light Golf:

One, it makes your camera do weird things. Two, diamonds look purple under a black light.

For the past week, I've been trying to piece a quilt. But since I have developed Tennis Elbow, which is really strange, seeing as how I don't do sweat, progress on the sewing/stitching/knitting/smocking front is really slow. My daughter says that technically I should call it Stitcher's Elbow.

I'll take pics of the quilt-in-progress and post them later.

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