Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yes, I Did

I committed a crime today. I cooked.

A few months back, I told my Sweet Heart that I was sick of cooking. I've been doing it CONSTANTLY for about 35 years, and I had HAD ENOUGH. The thing about cooking is that you NEVER get just a few hours, they are all hungry AGAIN.

Not like sewing, or knitting, or the current distraction, making a quilt. Once it is sewn, or smocked, or pieced, it stays that way. I don't have to constantly start over. And I hate the grocery store. No way to sugar coat it. It is pure hate.

By the time I shop for it, pay for it, get it in the car, get it out of the car, and put it away, why on earth would I want to drag it out again and COOK it, for goodness sake??????

So for the past few months, we've eaten a lot of sandwiches. And pizza. And spaghetti. And Hamburger Helper. My husband, bless his heart, is a good cook. And whatever he's cooked, we have eaten.

So why did I venture into the kitchen and try to get arrested? Because my sister and nephew came to visit for the weekend. To show you what a TERRIBLE mother I am, one Random Teenager called my sister and BEGGED her to cook something when she got here. Another Random Teenager had a list of food for her to cook once she arrived. Things like fried chicken, baked ham, creamed get the idea. She is hands-down the best Southern cook ever. I'd put her up against Paula Deen anytime.

So I caved in. She and I went to the grocery store together. I cooked Chicken Pilaf, fresh butterbeans, and tea biscuits. Sweet Heart tossed us a salad, and my sister whipped up a wonderful fresh fruit concoction. Imagine what heaven would taste like. That's how good this stuff was. As soon as she e-mails the recipe, I'll post it.

I'm feeling really fat and lazy after eating all that food. And I'll stay that way, since An Idiot stole my brother's bicycle from me. How do I know he's An Idiot? Because he stole the bicycle but didn't steal the helmet. He had probably seen me riding around with the stupid little helmet on and chose NOT to make the same fashion statement.

But at any rate, he stole it. And rode it straight to Wal-Mart and stole a can of gray spray paint. How do we know this? Because my brother has seen An Idiot riding the bicycle around town. Not everyone has a twenty year old bicycle with a wonky seat, you know? I don't have a wonky seat anymore, but An Idiot does. And no, we haven't reported it as stolen. Although I do have a photo of it, it has been freshly sprayed with gray paint. If I had stolen it, I would have spray painted it with a glow-in-the-dark paint. Those were my plans for it, at any rate. I was thinking lime green.

Oh well. Here's more yarn porn from the Knitted Laine in Shelburne. This is a luscious wool and ribbon confection that will turn into a scarf:

A close up:

This is a thin nubby wool thing that will also become a scarf:

A close up:

Here's more vacation photos, of the guys riding go-carts in Pigeon Forge on the way home from Vermont. We stopped there and they rode while I shopped at Dixie Darling, the needlework store. Stop in there if you are nearby--she has lots of great needlework linen, and all the lines of sampler threads.

This Random Teenager.....

Is trying to catch up with these guys:

And I have the actual Real Live Proof right here, today, that even though they look like Grown Men, they are still little boys at heart:

Yes, he won. With a grin like that, you know he was in sight of the finish line!

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