Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Can Type Better Now

It's been too hot here to do anything except swat at gnats. When I got home from work around four on Friday afternoon, it was 105 in the shade on my backporch. The heat index was 117. Dudes, it's really hot here.

I finally caved in and cut off my fingernails. Although I have been able to put in my contact lenses, I had been relying on the Random Teenager and Number One son to take them out for me every night. After a week of this, they got together and decided to start CHARGING me a fee for this service, per eye. I couldn't even get a discount rate for having a pair of eyes, so off came the fingernails. I have spawned a bunch of capitalists.

The fingernails always seemed to come in handy. I used them as screwdrivers to tighten up cabinet door knobs, and as a knife to pick locks. They were my favorite sewing tool, since they made excellent shovers, like when I needed to feed something carefully under the sewing machine needle. I haven't sewn through my finger (knock on wood) but I have hit a fingernail several times.

At any rate, I missed them terribly this afternoon when I was finishing up this:

Yes, it's Woodstock. Finished at last.

Here's a close up of the snap closing:

Here you can see that I cheated and used the snap tape:

I'm very pleased with this. I still have a line of basting around the body in case it needs a cute little tuck or two. And I think it probably will. What we need now is a try-on.

Here's the official On The Hanger photo of the front:

It looks really purply here for some reason. And the back photo:

I'm happy.

Next up: A bias cowl neck top muslin!

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